Self- Defense Approaches to Use as A Woman

As a woman, you will most of the times face the risk of being attacked, and you need to be informed on self-defense skills. If you are a high-risk person, you should ensure that you join the nearest schools to learn the combative skills. If you have a tighter schedule to attend the classes, the highlighted guidelines can help you to stay safe.

You should never leave your pepper or bear spray when you intend to travel to isolated places. The pepper spray has deadly chemicals that make your assailant blind temporarily. The spray should always be in your bag, and they are easily found in different stores. To succeed with the pepper spray, you need to aim directly at the attacker’s eyes, and you can train yourself on how to be accurate. You can also have the pocket knives or stun guns with you.

You should be well informed on how you can, perform a hand strike. It is one of the easiest ways of self-defense approach to train. When you realize that you are in danger, you should aim at the eyes or face of the assailant for maximum results. Using both your arms and hip together in synchronization will ensure that you deliver an effective punch.

Another effective approach is to deliver a powerful kick to the groin areas. Parts around the groin are sensitive, and once you deliver the kick you will have some time to run to safety. You should ensure that you are very accurate when aiming at the groins. You should ensure that your legs gain entry into the thighs of your attacker and the top of your toes should reach the groin areas.

Knee kicks are important tools to use when your assailant is preventing you from any movement using their bodies as the shields. It is the most effective approach in a close-range attack and ensure that you force your knees through the weak areas such as the groins. When the attacker is in pain you can spray the pepper, or call out for help.

When you are being choked by the assailant, you should search for the vulnerable areas and attack. When chocked, don’t try to pull off the attacker’s arms and only focus on hitting the weak spots. if you are faced with the threat only try to pull the thumbs of the attacker out of your neck.

There are several techniques that you can employ to ensure that you are secure. Going for classes will increase your confidence and make you more tactical. You also need to ensure that you are safe when traveling and always be on the lookout for possible dangers.