Benefits of Using Text Messages and Emails

To text, send an email or send an instant message is making sure you reach to people who are far from where you are at the time. Both email and instant messaging will require some internet connection while texting will do with mobile phone networks. There are several mobile phones that will allow you to use all the three simultaneously while the other service providers will only allow the use of either one or two of the others. The way the popularity of using the communication devices like tablets and the phones., it is not easy to separate the three that is email, messaging and texting. Both the smartphones and the tablets support internet connection. You can send the messages or the emails using any of the two devices that is mobile phone or tablet. That means sending the text messages is almost similar to sending emails. What most of the devices will do to alert you when a new message comes in even if it is off. The messages send received by the users and their notifications as though they were text messages. At the same time those who have send the messages to know when the recipient has not seen the message. Wring email and short messages all border the text messages. When you choose the text message you are limited to the amount of information that you can use as it carries only 160 characters. The other thing you need to know is that SMS is only delivered to mobile phones.

With text messages, the recipient will receive immediately depending on the situation of the phone, but email will require internet connection making text messages faster. You can easily share information with those who are in your database using text messages about the days happenings and much other information of what is happening around you. Instant messaging services are different on different platforms but one thing is clear, they need internet connection. You will only communicate with IM with anyone who is also using the same service. You will send your message much faster with IM because the other person you are communicating with is already in the system So one thing you are sure with any of these options is that the other person can respond to your communication instantly when they are in the system. Your message will not delay as long as you are using instant messaging or text messages and you can get your reply immediately. You will have to make your choice depending on whether you want to use the internet or send short messages via text message.

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