Orthodontic Approaches in Dentistry

Orthodontics is a practice in dentistry that corrects teeth and jaws that are not positioned properly. It is hard to keep the teeth clean when they are misaligned or crooked. Misshapen and crooked teeth are likely to cause dental diseases like periodontal disease which will make you have headaches and back pains. Your aesthetic value is lowered when you have crooked teeth. Orthodontist is a specialist in the field of orthodontics. After the orthodontist examines your teeth, they will decide whether you need the special type of treatment. Pressure will be applied to your teeth to move them to a proper location using different orthodontic methods.

You will be a candidate for orthodontic treatment if your upper teeth lie too far forward over the lower teeth or vice versa. Also when your upper teeth do not come down slightly in front of the lower teeth when biting and spaced between the biting surfaces when back teeth bite together. Other reasons to see the orthodontic experts are misplaced midlines, the presence of gaps and too many teeth in the mouth causing crowding.
The crooked teeth are rearranged using both the fixed and removable orthodontic approaches. The procedure to will have depends on how bad your teeth are.

Braces have bands, wires, and brackets and they are mostly used. The braces are placed on your teeth for support while the brackets are bound at the front of the teeth. The bands hold the wires running through the bands. When the wire is tightened, it applies tension on the teeth, moving them slowly to their proper position. To achieve your straight teeth goal, you have to get your braces adjusted on a monthly basis by the orthodontist. You can choose the braces you desire from the varieties available currently.

Thumb sucking and tongue thrusting are controlled by use of special fixed appliances. The appliances are joined to the teeth by bands. However, these appliances are very uncomfortable when eating and should be avoided when there are other alternatives.

When a baby prematurely loses a tooth, keep the gap open with fixed space maintenance. A band is bound to the tooth next to the gap and a wire is used to provide support to the band.

Adults can use removable aligners without metals instead of braces. Remove the aligners before eating or brushing.

We also have the removable space maintenance. The space maintenance are made up of acrylic based materials. Other appliances are also present in the market.
Get your crooked teeth corrected by going to see a professional dentist. Your teeth will be kept clean and healthy when you seek the services of these experts.

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