Medical Technology Investing Is The Specialty Of Jim Plante

James Plante graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering at Southern Illinois University and has spent over 25 years perfecting his knowledge and success in investment and entrepreneurship in the fields of biotechnology and technology. Now he is a well-known expert with many patents and successful companies invested in. Success leads to more success and this expert has formed a new company to guide others in investing in the technology and biotechnology fields.

First An Entrepreneur

James Plante has started and been a CEO in many successful technology-based companies. He has invested in others. Companies such as E-Band Communications, Beltronics, SmartDrive systems, Pathway Genomics, and others are responsible for medical and technological advances that help thousands of people. The patents earned and advances made in the treatment of diseases and even the mobile communication industry are impressive.

An Investor

Not only did this expert start and help run several companies, …

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